Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani episode 307 part 1

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The story begins with Piashree or Piya ,an orphan who goes to Dehradun after getting a scholarship in Mount College. While there, she befriends the outgoing Mishaand college casanova Kabir.

Tanushree a. While rappelling with her friends she falls, and is caught by a mysterious young man. The man leaves immediately after helping Piya. Piya is then introduced to Panchi, Misha's sister and Danish, her fiance who is also Kabir's brother. Piya is shocked to see Misha's father, Arnab Dobriyal, who happens to be her own father not that he knowswho had left her mother long before when Piya was a child.

But she doesn't tell him anything. A young man named Abhay Raichand from a very rich family comes to the college to seek admission.

Piya realises that it was the same mysterious man who saved her life. A new principal is hired courtesy Mr. When Piya finds out that her roommate, Maya is pregnant, she gets on the case of finding out who the guy is. Piya doubts Abhay and he admits to it. Piya records a video of Maya and a guy, whose back is only seen, and she believes it is Abhay. Danish proposes to Panchi and the Dobriyals' organize a party where comes to know that Danish made Maaya pregnant, she reveals this to maya and Abhay and confronts Danish and he accepts but he manages to clear out the proofs Piya collected.

Everybody starts hating Abhay except for Piya. She tries helping him. Panchi calls the police and asks them to arrest Abhay, but Piya stops them by stating that on the day Maya was hurt, Abhay was with her in the Boy's Locker Room. Danish comes to hurt Piya at her hostel. Abhay reaches before Danish and takes Piya to his house for her own safety and, there she spends the night in his room. Piya nearly sees a photo of Maithili a girl who resembles Piya, and whom Abhay used to love but Abhay pulls it from her hand before she sees the face.

When she asks Abhay whether Maithili was her girlfriend and he says Yes. Haseena Raichand comes to check, Abhay picks Piya up quickly and takes her to the bed, just in time before Haseena opens the door. Pia unknowingly sleeps in Abhay's arms which she feels bad about later.

The next day, the principal of the college comes to Piya's class and announces that a girl from their college had spent a night at a boy's house and the parents have come to identify the girl. Arnab comes to Piya's rescue at the principal's office and points out justice hasn't been delivered since Piya is the only one accused and not Abhay.

Abhay is also called. He disagrees in front of his parents that Piya was not with him that night. Piya goes home with Mr. Dobriyal and is greeted by a rather hostile Panchi. Piya is called to attend a phone call by the matron who reveals to her that she found a cheque addressed from Danish to Maya. She asks Piya to see if Maya has received it. Piya sees this as possible proof to reveal Danish's true nature in front of the whole family but after she reveals it to Misha, the Dobrial family say that Danish has told them everything.

Arnab almost slaps Piya but just in time Abhay stops him and takes her away. In class, Piya gets a lot of notes with rather nasty and insulting comments.Powered by Blogger. Sabki Laadli Bebo 19 October Watch sabki la Balika Vadhu 19th October Balika Vadhu t Find Serial. Desirecap is your source of hindi dramas.

Piya has always been a different girl, a girl with a mind of her own. Not the one who would get lost in the crowd; Piya never cared about fitting in with the trends and fads.

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Unlike girls of her age she was averse to love she had a very strong reason for being like that; she had a past. But life had something else in store for her.

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Destiny held something else for her. And this happens when on getting a scholarship, Piya moves to Dehradun to pursue her degree. In the chill of the dense forests, she meets Abhay, a strikingly handsome boy who completely sweeps her off her feet.

Pyaar Ki yeh ek kahani season 1 to 10

He is a recluse and very unlike the other college boys. There is this charm in him that draws Piya towards him.

pyaar ki yeh ek kahani episode 307 part 1

She feels a strong connection with him and yet gets the unmistakable feeling that Abhay decidedly does not want to get too close. However, in time the heart wins and, they are swept off their feet falling passionately in love with each other.

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pyaar ki yeh ek kahani episode 307 part 1

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Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani episode.

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See what's trending now. The show was an Indian adaptation of the popular Twilight series and The Vampire diaries but had its own distinct story. This show was loved by the viewers and all the viewers are waiting for sequel with same cast. Specially Vivian Dsena abhay and Sukriti Kandpal piya.

They both had a great influence on the viewers and played their roles like no other can do.

pyaar ki yeh ek kahani episode 307 part 1

They made a great on screen pair and romanced like never seen before. This show has no offense it can be watched with family too rather than being a romantic drama. Ekta Kapoor madam bought a concept like never seen before on screens. We would definitely like to watch it sequel and see Abhay and Piya romance. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

pyaar ki yeh ek kahani episode 307 part 1

Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.The show was earlier tentatively titled "Fanaa". The show was quite popular in its run and garnered appreciation from audience.

The story follows Abhay Raichand Vivian Dsena a year-old vampire, who falls for an orphan Piya Sukirti Kandpalwho looks exactly like Maithili also played by Sukirti Kandpal who was his soulmate when he was human.

The series begins with Piyali Jaiswal, a bright girl from an orphanage getting the scholarship for a prominent college in Dehradun, Mount College. After the death of her mother due to cancer, she has been living in the orphanage for the past 10 years.

At the college she is befriended by Misha Dobriyal, who introduces her to Kabir Rathore, her best friend and his petty girlfriend T or Tanushri Ambolkar. The first day, as the four go mountain rappelling, Piya falls and an unknown person saves her. This unknown guy whom she met earlier when arriving in Dehradun too is Abhay Raichand, as she finds out the next day in college. The Raichands become a big name in the city as they arrive randomly, buy out an old empty house on the outskirts of the city, and also many deals from prominent older businessmen of the city like Misha's father, Mr.

pyaar ki yeh ek kahani all episodes watch online

Abhay is rude and arrogant, and when the principal does not give him admission, the family gets him evicted and appoint a new principal in his place. Abhay and Piya collide several times and fight every time.

When one of her roommates, try to get Piya charged for drugs at the hostel, Mr. Dobriyal arrve to save her on Misha's behest.

At this time Piya realizes that Mr. She tries to hide this from them all as Arnab doesn't recognize an older Piya, whom he was told died along with Sugandh in a car crash. A new roommate, Maya arrives but it is soon found out that she is pregnant and being abused by her boyfriend.

Due to certain misunderstandings, Piya thinks Abhay is her boyfriend and at a point of time Maya also accepts this. Although Piya is utterly charmed and attracted to Abhay but his rudeness and attitude makes her believe that he is the culprit. However, she soon finds out that Abhay is innocent and is actually trying to find out the real culprit, who is Danish, Panchi's fiance. When Piya confronts Danish, he threatens her and Abhay arrives just in time to save Piya.

Piya then goes to his house, but faces immense humiliation the next day as Abhay's parents, Chand and Haseena arrive at the college to oust the girl who spent the night at their home. Piya tries to tell the Dobriyals the truth but Danish instead puts the entire blame on her, saying that she kept throwing herself at him. Although Misha finds out the truth, she was too drunk to remember and the phone which had the recorded confession gets thrown in water. Finally to let the truth out, Piya and Maya dress up as ballet girls to dance in Danish's bachelor's party.

Abhay, in his anger, ends up calling Piya 'Maithili'. There, with the help of Kabir, they oust his truth to everyone. Madhu soon finds out that Piya is Sugandh's daughter and asks her to please not tell Misha and Panchi otherwise their entire life will fall away. However, she tells her that she can always become a part of the family if she wants, but Piya is too angry with Arnab to agree to this. Piya has seen Abhay do several things which are beyond comprehension.

She questions him but he misleads her. Finally Piya comes across a photo of herself in Abhay's wallet.

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After many attempts, Piya puts herself in danger in a manner similar to Maithili finds out the truth. There she comes to know that Abhay and Maithili loved each other. But one was a pauper and the other, a princess. To punish them for their love, the King puts Maithili in a barn and lights it up with fire. When Abhyendra finds out, he rushes to save his love, but they both perish in the fire. Haseena and Chand who were passing by save Abhay by turning him into a vampire.

On finding out the truth, Piya gets scared and thinks of running away but returns when she realises that she love Abhay. Piya gets into an accident at some time and needs blood to survive.Glen and Becki, United States Iceland Full Circle, August 2015 The itinerary and road map provided by Nordic Visitor were perfect.

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Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Serial Kyu Band Ho Gaya ? - Why Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani Serial went Off Air

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